Captain Mexico

Super-strong masked crime-fighter


Sancho Medina grew up on the streets of Chihuahua, Mexico, and fell in with the gangs at an early age. Initially involved in petty crime, he graduated to drug dealing; smarter than many of his peers, he managed to largely avoid violence and prospered from his new career. His mistake was making a deal with an American called Frank Steiner, who needed facilities to perfect a potent new product. This was unlike anything Sancho had dealt with before: a serum for creating superhumans, smuggled out of the United States after the government shut the project down. Sancho saw the results of the animal testing and made sure Dr. Steiner got everything he needed.

What Dr. Steiner had failed to tell Sancho was that the project had been terminated with extreme prejudice, and that certain elements of the US government were well aware that some of the serum had escaped across the border. Special forces hit the lab while Sancho was there, and he made the snap decision to inject himself with the serum. He has only vague memories of what happened next, but when he came round in the desert hours later, he found he had been permenantly altered by the strange chemical cocktail.

Sancho now possessed superhuman strength and toughness, and he paid for his travels across Mexico by taking part in illegal fighting tournaments, never staying in one place for long. After several years of gaining confidence in his new abilities, and growing weary of life on the road, Sancho headed for the bright lights of Mexico City and became involved in the world of lucha libre – Mexican wrestling. Using his incredible powers he quickly became a star and earned the moniker ‘Captain Mexico’, remaining unbeaten across a record number of matches. With his new found wealth he lived a debauched lifestyle, his superior metabolism meaning that he had to consume terrifying and toxic quantities of drugs to get high. This put him right back in the company of drug dealers, who became very suspicious of ‘El Capitan’.

During one epic drug binge at a desert ranch, Sancho had a vision of the feathered serpent Kukulkan, chastising him for wasting his gift and supporting the very criminals who were eating his country away. This was when the foot soldiers of drug lord Pablo Delgado came to capture him for questioning; Sancho easily overpowered them, but spared their lives – he was a wrestler, not a killer. Donning his Captain Mexico outfit, Sancho worked his way up the chain of drug dealers, and delivered Delgado into the hands of the police. ‘Captain Mexico’ offically announced his retirement from the world of wrestling to fight crime, and proceeded to round up many more criminals in the Mexico City area. General Robert Ramirez of the Mexican Armed Forces attempted to recruit El Capitan, and although Sancho declined the offer, he was awarded with an advanced ballistic armour suit, designed to match his original Captain Mexico outfit.

Ridding Mexico of crime turned out to be a much bigger job than Sancho had imagined. The cartels were international, and for every player he removed, another would appear. Things got even worse when Sancho ran into Diablo Maximo, a superhuman working for the powerful Salazar Cartel. Sancho came off worse in the encounter, and realised he would need help if he was going to make the world a better place…

Sancho now goes by the name Sancho Panza, an identity he strives to keep seperate from the mask of Captain Mexico. As El Capitan he has contacts with police, government and the military, while as Sancho Panza he has contacts with Mexico’s seedy underbelly. For the moment he works out of Mexico City, where he maintains an expensive apartment and a crime-fighting lair. When the opportunity arises, Sancho likes to hit the town and woo the ladies, but he doesn’t let anyone get too close for fear of losing his secret identity.

Captain Mexico’s biggest weakness is water. Sancho has had a fear of water since he was a child, and being immersed seems to negate his powers, although it is unknown if this is for psychological or physiochemical reasons. Sancho hates travelling by boat or even flying over water, and loves spending time in the arid depths of the desert.

Captain Mexico

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