Flamboyant gadget-based crimefighter


Years active: 1986-present
Real name: Secret
Occupation: Secret (possibly millionaire playboy)


  • Peak physical fitness
  • Accomplished martial artist
  • Skilled actor, although his flamboyant personality prevents him from staying undercover for long
  • Armoured costume with a variety of gadgets, including rocket boots, flash-bang grenades, night vision goggles, and electric stun gauntlets
  • Several custom vehicles, including the extra-bike, extra-car, and extra-copter.

A flamboyant superhero who burst onto the scene in the middle of the 1980s and seems to treat superheroism as a performance art. Extraman has no super-powers as such, but relies on martial training and a wide array of flashy gadgets to fight crime. No one is sure whether his flamboyant behaviour is a calculated ploy to intimidate criminals, or due to a personal need for attention.

His real identity is secret, but gossip magazines speculate that he funds his crime-fighting with a vast inherited fortune.


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