Cosmic Woman

Cosmic defender of the Earth; leader of the 'old guard' of superheroes


Years active: 1973-present
Real name: Ashlee Anderson
Occupation: NASA consultant


  • Cosmic energy blasts
  • Protective force field
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Immune to vacuum, radiation, heat, cold, and other effects of space
  • Darkvision

Game stats

STR 12, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 12
Saves: Toughness 2 (12 with force field), Fortitude 7, Reflex 5, Will 10
Feats: Accurate attack, Power attack, Precise shot
Skills: Acrobatics 4, Bluff 4, Concentration 4, Diplomacy 8, Intimidate 8, Knowledge (physical sciences) 8), Pilot 8, Sense motive 4
Powers: Cosmic energy control 10 [alternative powers: Teleport 10, Telekinesis 10, Light control 10], Force field 10 (impervious), Flight 5, Immunity 14 (all environmental effects, plus cosmic energy), Super-sense 2 (darkvision)
Combat: Attack +10, Defence +6, Initiative +2


During the Apollo 19 Moon mission in 1973, astronaut Ashlee Anderson fell into an unnatural lunar crevasse. Believing her to be dead and with no way to recover her, the mission returned to Earth without her.

In fact, Anderson survived the fall, though her suit was badly damaged. She was rescued by the Power Cosmic, a cosmic energy entity that had been resting at the bottom of the crevasse. The Power Cosmic merged with her in order to protect her from the vacuum and allow her to return to Earth, and as a side-effect granted her other powers.

Anderson teleported back to Earth and arrived in the middle of her own funeral service, just in time to defeat the Omega Vortex, a destructive energy entity that had detected the Power Cosmic’s reawakening. She became a special scientific consultant for NASA (allowing their scientists to study the Power Cosmic, although they have made little progress), and also took up the identity of Cosmic Woman, in which she protects her planet from mundane and extraterrestrial threats.

Cosmic Woman

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