An eerie, androgynous being with shimmering forcefield "wings".


International opera star Clarice Aviemore was having a day like any other – tour fatigue, pre-show nerves and a plague of nerdy fans wanting autographs – when the City Opera House was attacked by Dr Mensch, the working-class supervillain, and his Community Ray. The ray was designed to melt human beings into a single, seething pool of flesh, Dr Mensch’s vengeance against the elite who oppressed the family he lost. But Extraman, protector of performers all over the world, intervened. In the fight the ray was damaged and began to malfunction, its effects spreading out of the theatre to the surrounding streets and creating a vast, unstable entity which eventually captured and consumed Dr Mensch before collapsing and splitting apart, many of the resulting entities expiring due to radiation damage. The raygun’s quantum-neutronic power source reached critical mass and detonated, consuming Clarice’s dressing room, Clarice herself, and her greatest fan, rich psionic scientist Harry Lyon, in the explosion. When the debris settled, Clarice and Harry had been fused into Clarion, an eerie, angelic being with powerful sonic abilities and a detached outlook on life.

Meanwhile, part of the entity created by the Community Ray disappeared into the sewers of the city and has not been heard from since. Rumours of a strange, amorphous creature calling itself Nation have trickled up to the hero community’s ears, but as yet its motivations remain unknown…


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